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SAS Internship Program

SAS English as a Second Language Program:

The SAS English as a Second Language Program is directed to students at all academic levels and all ages to improve of education levels and to provide opportunities to those who are not normally able to participate in English courses. This is a year-round program. Participants can choose to come for a week or for longer periods. The part of the program that requires them to teach English is very flexible in order to meet everyone's needs and interests.The SAS Program offers English-speaking volunteers the opportunity to receive free Spanish classes and more.
SAS Program
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SAS English Program
Date: The progran is open a year-round Dominican Holidays
Fall: Middle August to December Place for Volunteer
Winter: January to March Mini-Venture
Spring: March to End of Jun. Tainos tour
  Application Form
Program Fee: USD $ 750 Spanish at the Beach
Included orientation, pick up at the airport, full day city tour with lunch, buffet, and one night at the 8 Semanas de Ingles Int.

hotel in Santo Domingo. A one-time payment, that's covers your first days' stay in the country and transportation by bus from Santo Domingo to the project site.

To apply for a SAS English, submit:
Your completed application must be accompanied by a US $ 70 non-refundable processing fee. This fee may be paid by direct deposit or wire to our bank, please don't send us money order.
application form. pdf

Please allow 15-30 days for admissions decisions.
Upon admission, we will notify you of the internship options we have available for you and the date upon which you will begin.

Payment in full of your internship placement fee is due four (4) weeks prior to the beginning date of the internship. Should you need to cancel, for whatever reason, up to twenty (20) days before the beginning date of your internship, the internship placement fee will be returned in full. Should you cancel within twenty (20) days of the beginning date of your internship, however, 25% of the internship placement fee will be withheld and the balance of 75% returned to you.

One of the objectives of the English as a Second Language Program is to establish a process of cultural-educational exchange between Dominican communities and students or professionals from English-speaking nations.

In order to develop and implement the program, SAS and the Guanín Cultural-Tourism Center (CCTUR Guanín) offer assistance and interchanges through various national and international institutions, universities, institutes, colleges, etc., that may cooperate with the teaching and recruitment of foreign students and professionals who wish to come to the Dominican Republic to help with social-work projects and to teach English.

The SAS Program offers English-speaking volunteers the opportunity to receive Spanish classes, Dominican culture classes, tours, and service work in a variety of areas, including but not limited to preserving the rainforests, working in hospitals or clinics, assisting disadvantaged children, working with women, plus much more. Volunteers live with Dominican families and participate in social encounters and cultural activities/social work organized by CCTUR Guanín. Living with host families permits volunteers to share a part of their lives and learn first-hand about Dominican culture and hospitality. At the end of the program, participants receive a diploma of participation from SAS and CCTUR Guanín.

The SAS English program is looking for scholarships to provide food and housing, transportation, service work opportunities, tours of the Colonial Zone, as well as cultural tours of the entire country to all participants.

Spanish Language Skills:
It is not a requirement for volunteer participants to know Spanish, although there should be known some basics of the language. To accomplish this, we offer intensive one-week Spanish courses to all participants who come for two or more weeks. These grammar and conversation classes (for individuals or small groups) are with a private teachers in order to maximize the students' learning potential; teachers are paid RD$ 900 pesos (US $ 30) per hour or may choose to participate in our Spanish language school and the various Spanish language programs offered.

Accommodations with Dominican host families
or (optional) small hotels in the Colonial Zone:

Students live with local Dominican families in order to receive a full immersion into the culture and society. This also allows them to practice their Spanish in an everyday setting. The host family provides 2 or 3 meals per day (varying from city to city), providing participants with additional language immersion settings through meal-time conversations. There will be only one student per bedroom and only one student per host family, except in special circumstances.

What else does SAS English offer?

1. Good facilities to learn Spanish. All participants can learn rapidly and concentrate upon improving their Spanish language skills because the classes are in good schools, where students will feel comfortable and not be distracted by things occurring inside or outside the school.

2. Great Spanish teachers. We use Spanish language schools that have qualified, experienced language teachers. This is very important to ensure that your study abroad experience will be productive.

3. A helpful and knowledgeable staff. Our staff is able to help you with any kind of questions or needs that may arise during your participation in the SAS English Program.

4. SAS' English Program offers either small group classes or individual instruction. To effectively learn Spanish, you need personalized attention. Studying Spanish in small groups and/or private instruction guarantees this.

Knowledgeable staff:

Contact our office via telephone (809) 435-1980, fax (480) 435-4411 or email: . You will also have an opportunity to talk with a SAS Volunteer Specialist who has worked with these programs in the past. They will help you select a location, the type of volunteer work you desire, and answer any other questions you may have. Using our services will help to make sure that your volunteer experience in the SAS Program is a wonderful one.

Extensive selection of locations and opportunities:

SAS and Guanin, Inc. have worked hard with our partner schools and other organizations to be able to offer you an interesting array of volunteer activities. We are confident that you will find something of interest to you.

Participate when you want to:

Our program is flexible for everyone and your participation can be year-long or any time that you want to come. Most of our volunteer opportunities are ongoing throughout the year. This allows SAS and Guanin, Inc. to place you in a volunteer program that fits your schedule.

In-depth country information:

SAS and Guanin, Inc. provide detailed information both on our website and in our orientation guides about our program in all provinces and regions here in the Dominican Republic where we offer the volunteer program. We believe that each of our students or participants should have access to in-depth information, so we work hard to make sure you can access it. If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please contact us at or you can always contact our office and talk to one of our specialists at number (829) 875-4599 to answer your questions.

Who Can Participate?

Almost anyone can volunteer for the SAS English Program teaching. Since we offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities, there is a good chance that there may be something of interest to you. Note: Some volunteer opportunities may accept almost anyone, while others require certain types of experience and knowledge of Spanish.

Why should you participate in SAS's Program?

There are multiple reasons to participate in SAS's programs in aid of Humanity. SAS and the Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc. provide the opportunity of learning new skills, of sharing and applying knowledge and abilities to concrete projects, and of learning to work together in solidarity for the common good. Furthermore, SAS and the Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc. offer educational institutions and other organizations the opportunity to commit themselves to the unprotected sectors of society (to those without roofs over their heads, without education or medicine, etc.) and provide a space where young people can acquire the sensibilities needed to confront the challenges of reality.


We repeat that it is not a requirement for participants to know Spanish, although some basics are required, hence the intensive one-week language course that we have developed, as detailed above, and that all participants be at least 18 years old. If you are under age 18, you must submit a legal document of permission signed by your parents and by your sending institution.


Those volunteers who stay in the program for more than 3 weeks will have the opportunity to teach and participate in various locations of the country and can choose the sites that interest them the most.

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