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Message to Parents

Before we launch our volunteer abroad projects, we conduct thorough visits to countries where we intend to offer programs. During these fact-finding tours, we meet with potential staff members, local authorities, and natives of the area in selecting the highest quality, most worthwhile projects possible for our future international volunteers. Our well-researched grassroots projects are ideal locations for your children to confront the challenges of life and share their compassion, skills, effort, and time to make a lasting difference in the lives of people in developing countries. We send complete details of projects-location, contact numbers, placement description, in-country coordinator information, host family name-before volunteers leave for their placement destination.

In-Country Coordinator:
Programs in each of our partner countries are managed by professional, personable in-country coordinators whose primary job is to care for the needs of our volunteers. He/she welcomes volunteers upon arrival at the airport, orients them to the country, conducts a language program (where applicable), manages local room and board services, introduces volunteers to local projects, and personally visits or calls each volunteer every 7-12 days. Our in-country coordinators are fluent in English and stand ready to assist your children at every turn. From the first day of their arrival to the last day of the project, your children will have the comfort and care of knowledgeable local support. (For more information, please see Responsibilities of the In-Country Coordinator )

Room and Board:
SAS provided in all of our volunteer abroad projects, ethnic cuisine for three meals a day and nice, clean living accommodations. Local foods vary with the country, and we do offer a vegetarian food option for those who request it. Accommodations also vary with each country. Depending on the location, your child may live as a member of a local host family, in a hostel with other volunteers, or in a modest rented house or aparta studio. Detailed information about accommodations is given on each project information sheet.

Comprehensive Insurance and Evacuation Plan Medical Insurance, which is obligatory.

SAS offers one of the most comprehensive insurance plans available for travelers and volunteers note that, if you don't have; we can make the contacts for you with reputable medical insurance firms if you do not already have this insurance. Our comprehensive insurance covers the following:

  • Travel health insurance
  • Medical evacuation
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Travel assistance
  • Lost luggage
  • Third-party liability coverage

Our insurance provides excellent protection for your child in the event of health-related problems, accidents, and other incidents. Please contact us to learn more about insurance coverage details.

Pre-Departure Materials:
Before volunteers leave for their adventure, we provide thorough departure information booklets. These discuss the volunteer's host country (culture, religions, local life, climate), some do's and don'ts of travel, safety issues, health concerns, travel advice, the possibility of culture shock, local hotel/coordinator contact information, and other pertinent facts so that you and your child will have the most comprehensive information possible before the project begins.

Placement with Other Volunteers:
If you think your child will be more secure when placed with other international volunteers, please let us know. If spaces in projects and housing are available, we will be glad to arrange for your child to work with and/or live near other English-speaking volunteers. Emergency Hot Line Before volunteers leave for their projects, we provide mobile numbers of our staff members so that you may reach us in the event of an emergency. For simple assistance, volunteers will be able to call their local country coordinators. Please Call Us If you have any questions about any aspect of our program or the volunteer journey of your children, please call us 809-788-9116 or E-mail us at

Main Office:

Dominican Republic.
Apartado Postal Z-077, Zona Colonial
Dominican Republic, National Distrit. RD.


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