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SAS Internship Program


SAS’s Internship Program places graduate students and undergraduates, who have completed or are in the process of completing their programs of study, in internship positions in the Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the island that Christopher Columbus said was “the most beautiful in the world. INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT:The Dominican Republic is one of the top locations in the world for those seeking professional training in Hotel, Restaurant, or Tourism Administration, although we offer placement for interns in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to: hotels in the city, all-inclusive resort hotels, and mountain hotels; five-star restaurants, bars, and discotecas; travel agencies and tourism offices (State Secretary of Tourism); accounting, finance and marketing positions with banks, private enterprises, public
enterprises, and non-profit institutions; teaching in bilingual schools, language institutes, universities and technical schools; positions in the music industry; agriculture; medicine and public health; production management; engineering. ect.

All individuals who are accepted into the program are guaranteed a professional placement in their career field. We begin the placement process immediately upon receipt of your placement fee (see below). Please note that MOST INTERSHIPS ARE UNPAID in the Dominican Republic and only a rare few provide room or board. All accepted applicants must provide evidence that they can cover the costs of their stay. (We will advise you individually on the approximate total required, for it depends upon the length and location of your internship and the type of housing you choose.)

Some colleges or universities, or particular programs, require 3-month internships, while others require 6-month internships. We can provide you with the amount of internship time you require or desire.

public school teacher/assistant marketing/finance intern
preschool teacher/assistant assistant math teacher
K-12 teacher/assistant bank (multiple positions)
university profesor/administrative assistant communications inter at resort
hotel and guest services position with resort counseling internship
teacher/assistant at an orphanage website designer
graphic design intern and more.

Health, Medical assistance program

This project is directed to communities in all the vulnerable and frontier zones of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti (the two countries that share the island of Hispaniola), and has as its objective to educate and bring to the public´s awareness the dangers of HIV/AIDS, its transmission, treatment, and preventative measures.

The Dominican Republic offers great opportunities for the students of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and other Health care professions to get hands-on experience ofr international practicum. These special Group or individual programs, are designed for students or volunteers withs unique needs.

Cost of the Program is USD$. 500.00 per week included.: Read more pdf

Homestay–Full Room and Board:
Most interns choose placement with a local Dominican family and will have their own room. Two or three meals will be provided per day, plus other services.
Furnished Rooms, Apartments Studios and Small Hotels, etc.
Depending upon the location of your internship, you can choose, instead of a host family, to live in a furnished room, studio, pension, or apartment. We will help you find the option that best meets your needs.
These housing options and their relative benefits and costs will be discussed individually with interested applicants.

You must be at least 18 years old and have completed or be in the process of completing a professional degree in the field wherein you wish to intern. While speaking Spanish is not a requirement, at least a minimal level is beneficial as is the desire to learn more while you are here.

After completion of the SAS Internship Program, you will find that your Certificate of Internship Completion and detailed transcript will serve as quality references anywhere in the world.

We cannot at this moment offer college credit directly; however, rest assured that the program and its quality should fulfill all of the prerequisites required by your college or university. We will be in communication with your advisor, department head, or rector to help you receive the required credit for the apprenticeship through your own university or college.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:1-We provide you with a pre-arrival orientation packet that includes maps, explanations of how to use the local buses and taxis, a pre-departure checklist, and other needed information to ensure that you enjoy your extended period of time living and working in the Dominican Republic. Staff contacts, local phone numbers (809) 435-1980, (829) 845-4599, fax (809) 599-6120 and email will also be provided prior to your departure. Upon arrival in Santo Domingo, you will be met at the airport and taken directly to the lodging that you have chosen with our assistance. We provide you with complete orientation upon arrival to the region where you will be working. As a bonus, we include a tour of the Capital's Colonial Zone, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. We also provide you with 24-hour, 7-days-a-week support while you are here with us.

The cost of the orientation is US $ 750, which includes pick up at the airport, full day city tour with lunch buffet, and one night at a hotel in Santo Domingo. This is a one-time payment that covers your first day´s stay in the country and transportation by bus from Santo Domingo to the project site.

To apply for a SAS Internship, submit:
a) Resume/Curriculum Vitae (in English and/or Spanish) and a copy of your university transcripts, along with contact information for your advisor, department head, or university rector. b) Statement of interest, including the length of internship desired. c) Program application.

Your completed application must be accompanied by a US $ 70 non-refundable processing fee. This fee may be paid by direct deposit or by wire to our bank. Please allow 15-30 days for admissions decisions. Upon admission, we will notify you of the internship options we have available for you and the date upon which you will begin.

Payment in full of your US $ 750 internship placement fee is due four (4) weeks prior to the beginning date of the internship. Should you need to cancel for whatever reason, up to thirty (30) days before the beginning date of your internship, the internship placement fee will be returned in full (but not the separate processing fee). Should you cancel within twenty (20) days of the beginning date of your internship, however, 25% of the internship placement fee will be withheld and the balance of 75% returned to you.

Please Read the General ConditionDonwload the form pdf, and fax it or email it to us or Fax (809) 599-6120 E-mail:

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