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SAS Internship Program
(Andre) (Laura) (MSU 2008)              

Andrea Poole 2005-2006

A volunteer's perspective on SAS Program

There must be unity amongst those demanding social justice if we are to ever reach our goals. I arrived in this country with much passion but very little preparation. I discovered Severino Polanco through a friend of a friend, and I literally owe my life now to this chain of contacts (another story for another timeÖ however feel free to contact me by email for details). Severino immediately hooked me up with SAS and the next day I was on my way to Jarabacoa. I don't know what sort of magic was worked out so quickly while my back was turned, but when I disembarked, it was as if the town had been awaiting my arrival. Everything I could have ever needed was arranged and my support system was already intact. SAS is a powerful organization, completely competent and able to connect one with the Dominican community at large.

My satisfaction with SAS's placement of me in Jarabacoa is more than hoped for or imagined. This small mountain town, referred to by some as the Dominican Alps, is home to the Barrio Blanco School, where ten optimistic teachers, a dedicated director, and 500 students gather in an extremely poor neighborhood.

I appreciate being part of an organization that provides guidance while also seeking to learn my perspective, seeing value in the diverse skills that each volunteer brings to the program and the country. It is an honor to participate with SAS, who has my back in this crazy and beautiful place. It would be a pleasure to communicate personally with any interested persons.

Love people at the Dominican Republic.
Please contact me for any information:
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Laura 2003/2004

My name is Laura Isabel Castellanos Rodriguez, and I hereby certify that I have participated in SAS's program and professional exchange.

I am originally from Venezuela, where I studied Tourism and Hotel Management at university. SAS offered me the opportunity of an internship in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to them, now I am working at one of the most important hotels chain in the world.

I am very grateful for the help that they have provided me for my professional development, and I also thank Mr. Severino Polanco for his friendship!

Please contact me for any information.
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Ermyas Birru 2008
MSU Student
Hi Seve, como estan? i wish we extended the Program in Dominican Republic for 2 more months. It is not the same here, everybody is busy doing thier own thing. I miss everything already. I'm actually eating rice and bean everyday since i came back. And I tried to listen marengaue and bachata but i couldn't do it because it reminds me of all the good time we had in the DR. Anywho, i will try to come back next year or sometime soon. Please send me the quote and i will see what i can do.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful and great place Iíve ever been in my life. I recommend the SAS Program and SAS Travel to the Dominican Republic to anybody who has a plan to travel abroad for study or vaction. However, it will be difficult to travel with Guide book only. Thus, I advise anyone traveling to the DR to get an experienced tour guide who has connection to hotspots and who is sociable. For this, I highly recommend SAS / Severino Polanco and his Agency to be your choice, they are well organized and fun.

God Bless
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SAS program and SAS Travel made my trip to the Dominican Republic incredible. I felt safe, and very well taken care of during my three weeks in the country. Transportation, excusions, tours, classes were always arranged and our accommodations were welcoming and very clean.

SAS (Student A. Services CxA) handled the logistics of the trip so I got to relax and enjoy the beautiful culture, environment, and people of the DR. I have recommended their services to all my friends and family, and will definitely go through them in the future. Have a good night! Suenos dulces.

Ashley Eveleth.

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