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SAS Internship Program
Places to learn and help:
SAS offers a wide variety of opportunities to Dominican youth, promoting education and the
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integration of technical-professional programs, and reducing the percentage of youth who are not able
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to develop their abilities, thus unable to contribute to national development. We strive to awaken Internship Program
our youth to the opportunities that await them in technical-professional certification and to prepare Summer Camp
them for a more prosperous and fulfilled future. Summer Educational
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The Dominican Republic is a wonderful location to learn to speak Spanish, Internship Program, Mini- Place for Volunteer
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Opportunity. Each region of the Dominican Republic offers something unique, however in Santo Spanish at the Beach
Domingo you will find projects to help in the development initiatives in poor communities (a very 8 Semanas de Ingles int.

valuable help to the rural poor in developing countries).

As a result, our Volunteer Abroad Program supports orphanages, schools, local women's groups, and other local development efforts.

The Fee: US $ 350
Iincluded, orientation pick up at the airport, full day city tour with lunch buffet, and one night at the hotel in Santo Domingo. A one-time payment, that's covers your first days' stay in the country and transportation by bus from Santo Domingo to the project site.


1) Planting trees
2) Construction of schools, latrines, ball courts, homes, and fish-raising tanks
3) Construction of tanks and wells for drinking water
4) Environmental health, environmental education, cleaning of beaches, rivers, runoffs, etc.
5) Creation and building of libraries for poor Dominican communities
6) Language classes: English, French, Spanish to both children and adults in Dominican communities
7) Reading and writing classes for both children and adults
8) Nutritional programs
9) Manual arts and artisanry classes in the communities
10) Swimming classes
11) Dental hygiene classes
12) Anti-drug, alcohol and tobacco education programs
13) Computer and internet classes
14) Funds raising
15) Solicitation of donations: clothing, medicines, computers, school supplies, sports equipment, books, office equipment, tools for the home, condoms, toothbrushes, toothpaste, musical instruments, art supplies, etc.
16) Solicitation of freight (free transport for donations)
17) Knowledge of the development and implementation of social projects, educational projects, economic projects, and environmental projects
18) Knowledge of the development and implementation of budgets and financial management
19) Teaching first aid
20) Solicitation of donations of products for general hygiene (especially for women and nursing mothers)
21) Sexual education and the prevention of family violence and child abuse
22) Courses in theater, dance, music, painting, sculpture and drawing, etc.

BACKGROUND: Above you will find descriptions of the wide variety of activities in which we participate. The majority of these activities are available in all 12 of the provinces where we are presently working as well as in the Capital.
LOCATION: We are working in Santo Dominigo the Capital and in the following 12 provinces In the Dominican Republic:
  1) Santo Domingo (Capital and nearby neighborhoods) s
  2) Jarabacoa
  3) La Vega
  4) Cotui (Province Sanchez Ramirez)
  5) Nagua (Province Maria Trinidad Sanchez)
  6) Samaná
  7) San Cristóbal
  8) Bonao (Province Monsenor Noel)
  9) Villa Altagracia
  10) Fantino
  11) San Pedro de Macorí
12) Bani
WORK DESCRIPTION Volunteers are needed in all of the areas mentioned above. You only have to select the area in which you would prefer to work.
MINIMUM TIME The minimum time required for volunteers is 2 weeks, but we are open, flexible, and more than willing to accommodate all your needs.
WORKING HOURS From 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Note: Again, we can normally make working hours flexible, depending upon your needs.
SPANISH LEVEL Very basic Spanish is required. Note that intensive Spanish classes are available at a very low cost for those who need them. Clases de Español extensivo disponible
CLIMATE We are a Caribbean country with a tropical climate, where jeans and a lightweight shirt are acceptable attire for both males and females, although a few positions may require that you bring more formal clothing. More information on this and related social-cultural topics are available to interested parties.
FOOD Some institutions where you might work provide lunch, so that, along with the meals provided by your host families, all of your food and lodging needs are taken care of for the period of your volunteer stay
NOTES. For our programs in the Dominican Republic, lodging, food, and transportation costs are the responsibility of the volunteers, although in our SAS English as a Second Language program we generally are able to provide these services free to our volunteers
LODGING: Volunteers live in the Dominican host families, where they will have the opportunity to practice their Spanish. The host families provide 2 or 3 meals per day, breakfast and lunch. The students' rooms will be equipped with the following: Double bed, ceiling fan, desk and chair, closet, and access to both a telephone and a television. While comfortable and safe, please note that Dominicans at all social levels live with unavoidable water and electrical shortages, which will be touched upon during orientation
Dominican Republic:

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