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SAS Internship Program
Dominican Republic, Spring Break 2005
Between March 14 and 20, 2005, four Millikin students traveled with a Millikin faculty member to Millikin University
the Dominican Republic in order to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to Dominican Michigan State University
students. Working with the new SAS  Teaching English as a Second Language Program, Luther College 2006
tour students aught in two different elementary schools in Santo Domingo and also participated in Photo album 2008
a workshop for Hotel and Tourism Administration students at Universidad O&M (Organización  
& Método,or Organization &  Method).  
During the first three days of this pilot program,  the Millikin students taught children at the Los Patitos ("Little Ducklings") school. This was followed by two days of  at El Colegio Evangélico Nacional (National Evangelical School), an internationally-financed private school  that seeks out young Dominican boys and girls with limited resources to offer them free education, breakfast, uniforms, medicines, and other needed items. The final time of the Millikin students' internship week in the DR was spent with the tourism program where "many Dominican students took advantage of the workshop to improve their pronunciation of English".

Michigan University
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This is 3 weeks summer program

According to the program's administrators, as a result of this week's work with Millikin,  " we could see the great necessity there is of teaching English to Dominican children, teenagers, and young adults. Since English is both a universal language and the principal commercial language today,  [this]  is extremely important, especially for students in the field of hotel and tourism administration, who will be working on a daily basis with people of many nationalities."

Program objectives (adapted from the sponsoring organization's publicity)

SAS's Teaching English as a Second Language Program aims to provide an educational opportunity for those Dominican communities to whom English lessons are not normally available, and also  to establish a process of educational-cultural exchange between Dominican communities and students and educational professionals from other countries.

It is a year-round program that relies upon the participation of volunteer native English speakers  who come to the Dominican Republic for a week or more to teach, to learn and to grow. The volunteers participate in Spanish classes,  learn about Dominican culture, go on tours, live with Dominican families, and take part in social events as well as cultural and social work activities organized.

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