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More about Volunteer Indicators:

More than 5% of Dominican students with scarce resources will be able to benefit from this plan. The Dominican education system will be strengthened by the admission of new students, adding new resources into this important sector of the national economy. This in turn will increase the student graduation statistics in the advanced education system. It will improve the overall quality of goods and service production, increase students' desires to graduate from secondary schools, and elevate the overall quality of Dominican life.


SAS and CCTUR Guanin, Inc., offer a wide of opportunities to Dominican youth, promoting education and the integration of technical-professional programs, and by reducing the percentage of youth who are not able to develop their abilities, who are thus unable to contribute to national development. We strive to awaken our youth to the opportunities that await them in technical-professional certification, preparing them for a more prosperous and fulfilled future.

Having begun in 1990, most grassroots projects now resource poor, locally developed communities, working hard to meet the needs of the area. SAS and CCTUR Guanin, Inc., believes that supporting these grassroots community development initiatives is the best way to help the rural poor in developing countries.

As a result, our Volunteer Abroad Program supports orphanages, schools, local women's groups, and other local development efforts. SAS's volunteer overseas and internship programs are careful not to impose development models or ideas on the local people. A variety of grassroots projects exist in developing countries. However, SAS and CCTUR Guanin, Inc's international volunteer programs focus on the groups that need the most urgent help. Destitute orphans, exploited women, younger children, and elderly people are among the groups to whom international volunteers can make a meaningful contribution and for whom they can make real differences. In many developing countries, SAS's volunteer abroad program develops a partnership with local orphanages, children's homes, women's groups, and local schools. In many cases, the heads of these projects serve as in-country coordinators for SAS. Because our local coordinators and staff are from the region where we run our programs, they can identify local needs and priorities.

SAS's international volunteer programs offer cultural learning and immersion. The developing countries where SAS Program runs its volunteer abroad programs are also great lands for cultural experiences and immersion, such as in the Dominican Republic. Our volunteer overseas projects offer great opportunities to explore cultural and natural wonders. In many countries, SAS offers language training, cultural visits, village stays, village trecking, and village visit programs to explore the unique beauty of the land.

SAS's Dominican Republican staff offers year-round volunteer projects, with opportunities to serve for one single weekor an entire year. Our volunteers may stay for more than 12 months if desired. In our uniquely designed volunteer abroad programs, volunteers may start with one week of intensive Spanish language and cultural training. After achieving a basic understanding of the local language, local culture, way of life, and other important information, volunteers join local development projects.

For volunteers who wish to experience a short volunteer and cultural experience, SAS and CCTUR Guanin, Inc., offers two-week Mini-Adventure programs.

We encourage you to create your own program and vision, and we will you make it work.