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SAS Internship Program

"Welcome to the SAS Program"


Our program begins with one or two weeks of language and a one or two day cultural orientation

SAS Program
wherein volunteers are immersed in the local language, begin their stay with a welcoming host family,
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hike in local areas, join cultural activities, and experience daily local life before beginning their
Internship Program
volunteer project. Prior to each placement, we make sure each volunteer is adequately supplied Summer Camp
with information about his/her local country and life with a host family (Dominican Republic). Summer Educational
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What is the mission of SAS's Program? Dominican Holidays
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Our mission is to harness the energy, imagination, and hope of young people and adults with the aim Mini-Venture
of getting them involved in productive and responsible work in the aid of humanity. Tainos tour
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Why should you participate in SAS's Program? Spanish at the Beach
  8 Semanas de Ingles Int.

There are multiple reasons to participate in SAS's programs in aid of humanity. SAS and the Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc. provide the opportunity of learning new skills, of sharing and applying knowledge and abilities to a concrete project, and of learning to work together in solidarity for the common good. Furthermore, SAS and the Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc. offer educational institutions and other organizations the opportunity to commit themselves to the unprotected sectors of society (to those without roofs over their heads, without education or medicine, etc.) and provide a space where young people can acquire the sensibilities needed to confront the challenges of reality.

I am a Dominican; I was born in a humble family with many calamites and thanks to God he gave me the guidance and strength to pursue a university career. Now I want to return that gift and guidance to my fellow Dominican’s so that they may have the opportunity to study and to progress thus making a better lifestyle.

For as little as USD $150.00, SAS and CCTUR Guanin, Inc., offers a one or two week program featuring unique and delightful cultural experiences and informative language instruction.

Other organizations based in Canada and USA also work with our partner groups overseas. We have found that these organizations are similar to ours in many of their features and quality. However, our volunteers will find a difference in program fees. SAS and CCTUR Guanin, Inc.,S because of its low administrative overhead and use of in-country resources, will save volunteers from 45-80% off the average program fee of any comparable organization.

SAS works with established volunteer associations: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Universities, schools and grassroots organizations working with volunteers and development projects. Our programs are also well-screened before they begin. For example, before initiating our volunteer programs, we extensively visit each province, approve projects, and accept potential host families. We also locate safe and convenient villages and neighborhoods where our participants may be housed during their volunteer experience.

SAS offers 1 or 2-weeks Mini-Adventure programs which combine rewarding volunteer service SAS English as a second language, teaching English at the public school, language and cultural immersion, and splendid adventure travel at a remarkably reasonable cost during the weekends. Please make you own program and let us know you will fix it for you.

SAS's Summer Escapes Program offers volunteers an exciting 2-week cultural and educational adventure in the country built by the Spanish people in the new world, amongst the most beautiful beaches, and a life in the Colonial Zone, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990 with its significant monuments.

These uniquely designed programs combine language orientation, cultural immersion, and inviting village stays with the opportunity to volunteer on local village service projects. As part of Summer Escapes, our volunteers are treated to exotic journeys off the normal tourist routes, along with visits to popular tourist destinations.

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