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SAS Internship Program

3 weeks Community Outreach Service project

This program is just for you, student with interest in learning about the Dominican culture. this
SAS Program
program will serve as classes for the students' "curriculum of life" as well as for their professional
Business Internship
lives--for both the national and international students. During the social work projects, they will have Internship Program
time to visit historical places, indigenous caves, scientific reserves, national parks, exotic places, and Summer Camp
to participate in adventures on horseback, in boats, on foot, etc. Summer Educational
  SAS English Program
Cultural/educational international exchange activities are very useful for helping students and other Dominican Holidays
participants to discover for themselves the reality of the Dominican people and their culture. The Place for Volunteer
participants will have every opportunity of sharing in and living the "Dominican reality." Participating Mini-Venture
Dominican students gain the opportunity to learn more about their own people and to make new Tainos tour
friends. The projects will be developed together with Dominican students and members of the Centro Application Form
Cultural Turístico Guanín, Inc., who will help and support in every way (CCTUR Guacín is a non- Spanish at the Beach
governmental, non-profit institution).

8 Semanas de Ingles Int.
Progama de pasantia
3 weeks Community Outreach Service project
Language of Instruction : Spanish
Recommended Credit: No available
Eligibility Requirements: 4 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent " College-level"
Housing: Dominican Homestays
Duration 3 weeks
Summer 2011: Jun 28, 2011 to July 18, 2011
Summer 2012: Jun 23, 2012 to July 14, 2012 is available
Fee: USD $ 1,500
Application Deadlines: 02/02/2012, 3 weeks Community outreach project is available
Application Form Please download the program pdf
Included pick up at the airport, Dominican host family, 3 meals a day, community outreach project, cultural excusion on the weekend, spanish classes, cultural classes, interchange with locals teenagers and more. Photos Album
Dominican Republic:

Apartado Postal. Z- 077, RD

158 Sherwood Drive, Hinton
Tel. (829) 875-4599, 809 435-1980 T7V 1P6, AB. Tel. (719) 387-8036
Fax 1(809)599-6120