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SAS Internship Program


More about Internship.

The SAS Internship program is specially organized for national and international students. The overseas internship programs give international students the possibility of learning and researching a subject while participating in some exciting projects.

SAS can offer an internship abroad project in collaboration with our local partners in many areas in the Dominican Republic and in many countries in Canada, USA and Latin America. Under the internship overseas program, the intern engages in daily project activities. In most cases, overseas interns develop a research paper on a particular area of interest by working closely with the local internship project staff. Generally, the director of the local project serves as a supervisor for the intern. As an international intern, you will stay with a host family or in a hostel.

Most of the time, the director of the project will work to help you successfully complete your field report. You may also contact SAS's in-country coordinator directly if you need any further help locating information and materials for your internship program. Many times, language difficulties hinder the effectiveness of interning. Thus, to maximize your internship abroad experience, SAS strongly recommends you begin with our 1-2 week language program. These programs will provide you with a necessary, comprehensive start in exploring the everyday issues and realities of the countries where your internship abroad project is located. Furthermore, it is possible to organize extra tutorials with experts in particular areas for an additional fee. SAS suggests that you correspond with us if you have special needs for your internship abroad projects.




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