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SAS Internship Program
Dominican national holidays:
SAS Program
1. January 1. Year's Day
Business Internship
2. January 6. Three Kings Day (Dominican children receive their gifts on this not on
Internship Program
    Christmas Day)
Summer Camp
3. January 21. Feast of Our Lady of Altagracia (Dominican patroness)
Summer Educational
4. January 26. Duarte's Birthday (first of the three founding fathers)
SAS English Program
5. Febrary 27. Independence Day " A Friday in April (variable), Good Friday and the
Dominican Holidays
    second sunday in March is the National Carnaval celebration at the
Place for Volunteer
    Malecon in Santo Domingo.
6. May 1. May 1, Labor Day " A Thursday in June (variable), Corpus Christi
Tainos tour
7. August 16. Aug 16, Restoration of the Republic
Application Form

Spanish at the Beach

8. September 24. Sep 24, Feast of Our Lady of Las Mercedes (island's patroness)
9. December 25. Christmas Day. Note that Christmas Day is not a big deal for most
    Dominicans, even if it is a national holiday. The real Dominican Nativity
    celebration takes place on Christmas Eve, when families get together to share
    a late-night dinner of too many foods and too much to drink--similar to the American Thanksgiving Dinner.
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