Catalina Island is located to the south of La Romana and was called Toeya by the natives. It was named in honor of Saint Catalina by Columbus.

It is five miles from La Romana, 21 from San Pedro de Macorís and 60 from Santo Domingo. It has a triangular shape and is separated from land by a strait located between the Cumayasa and Dulce Rivers.

Its land is dry, arid and plain. Its altitude runs from 10 to 22 feet above sea level. Two of its beaches are tourist attractions, one in the east and another to the southwest. The latter is formed by a beautiful cove surrounded by coconut trees. It has a forest vegetation made by thorny trees that grow slowly due to the arid land and lack of water.

The beautiful beaches of Catalina Island are used by tourists that visit the area and sailors who dock in its yellow sands and transparent waters.

This Island is called ''Paradise Island''.this place is special for snorkling