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Spanish for Medical Programs

This course is designed just for you. For all professionals of politics and/or diplomacy who need or wish to make contact with the Spanish-speaking community. During the course, students get an overview of all Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, which includes geographic, political, and economic aspects. Also included are elements of dialects, and a general introduction to Hispanic peoples and cultures

Each year SAS "STUDENT AGENCY SERVICES CxA. sets up both group and individual medical Spanish language programs. Options range from pre-arranged Spanish programs (open to groups and individuals) to customized Spanish programs. Our clients use these programs to meet academic requirements or to enable themselves to function more effectively in their work environment. Our various programs are designed to allow the medical professional the ability to learn the Spanish language skills necessary to communicate with their patients. It is important to note that students do need to have a working knowledge of the language (be able to make sentences, etc.) in order to acquire Spanish for a particular field, such as medical Spanish.

The goal is to give students the basic linguistic elements that can help them to communicate with and better understand the needs and point of view of Hispanic peoples. This course is organized on a one-to-one student/teacher ratio and held all year around in 2 levels. Each level lasts 10 lessons. Starting dates and schedule are custom and arranged between school and student with a minimum pre-enrollment of 2 weeks. Minimum 10 lessons, max 20 lessons

Pre-arranged Medical Programs:

A popular option we are offering is the pre-arranged Medical Program. This option, which is offered at specific times each year, is open to groups and individuals. Many of the students participating in these programs are 1st or 2nd year medical students. However, virtually any person involved in the medical profession may attend as long as they have a four year degree.

Customized Medical Programs Many of our clients use our services to work on their ability to speak general Spanish. Others, who already have a solid foundation in Spanish participate in our programs to work on specialized terminology as it relates to the medical profession. Medical Spanish for these programs is taught during private classes and will vary in price. The following schools/locations do an excellent job in terms of preparing a customized program for medical Spanish.

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Spanish at the Beach Program