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SAS Spanish Program:

Is the Dominican Republic the best place to learn and study the Spanish language?

  • For some people yes
  • For others no.

Each location and Spanish language school offers something different. Everyone has a particular reason for wanting to learn to speak Spanish. A great Spanish program for one person may not be appropriate for another. Therefore, SAS offers a variety of Spanish: "Spanish at the Beach Program and Spanish in Santo Domingo, Colonial Zone" that you may choose from in your quest to study and learn to speak Spanish in the Dominican Republic, and to participate in different programs with SAS, such as:

If you cannot decide where to learn to speak Spanish, a great starting place is Santo Domingo, with SAS. This is a great method to customize your Spanish language program.

When can you go to learn to speak Spanish in the Dominican Republic?

Please download this file Our Spanish language programs in the Dominican Republic have classes starting every Monday of the year and 1 week Spanish at the Beach.

This means one may begin to learn to speak Spanish when one likes. Spanish classes can be as short as 1 weeks and can last up to a period of months (or longer). While investigating the best language school to learn to speak Spanish, SAS provides a quality avenue to meet the new world. We are confident that you will find our website very interesting and informative. Take your time to discover all you need to know about what it takes to participate in one of our Spanish language programs at the various Spanish language schools we offer.


Spanish at the Beach Program