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SAS Internship Program

This program is disigned just for you:

This Spanish program is designed for all students, professionals, and adventurers who want to know the Dominican Republic and learn Spanish.

Prepare yourselves to construct your own boat or carabela in order to follow Columbus's footsteps and discover the beauty of the land called the Dominican Republic. But only if you promise not to harm the natives, like Columbus did.

Learn Spanish with SAS, is not only learn the Spanish language is be involving with all: culture, social life with native people, adventure trip, tourism, eco-turism, etc. These types of activities are very useful for helping every one, students and other participants to discover for themselves the reality of the Dominican people and their culture. The participants will have every opportunity of sharing in and living the daily lives of the natives.


The day of your arrival to the Dominican Republic, we will provide a driver to go and pick you up at the airport to your acommodation. If you choose to arrive on your own, you will meet one of the SAS's Staff to give you the welcome home and the list of the program .


Location The location can be different: We will try to lodge all the students in the Colonial Zone, near school when it is possible. We will notify all students of the distance of their hotel from the school in advance on their arrival

Breakfast is included in the hotel price. For half or full board you can make an arrangement with the SAS's Staff or directly with the hotel the day of your arrival.
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Most apartments are located in the colonial center, just a short distance from the school. Students normally rent private rooms and share a communal kitchen and bathrooms with other students.

Are not included in the price.


Students may choose to live either with an individual or a Dominican family during their stay.

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Accommodation starts Sunday before course start and finishes Saturday noon after course end.