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SAS Internship Program


Millikin University, Spring Break 2005

SAS's Teaching English as a Second Language Program aims to provide an educational opportunity for those Dominican communities to whom English lessons are not normally available, and also to establish a process of educational-cultural exchange between Dominican communities and students and educational professionals from other countries. Millinkin Spring Break 2005

Millikin Music Band, Spring Break 2005

SAS Business Internship

The SAS Business Internship program combines classes with practical hands-on business experience. Students are prepared to work in their chosen business field in one of the countries mentioned above: Canada, the United States, Dominican Republic, Spain, or Australia.




Michigan State University 2006, 2007, 2008

Summer Program

This program Organized by the Michigan State University College of Social Science Offers students and opportunity to earn academic credit while experiencing Dominican Culture and traditions at the SAS Program, administraded by Student Services CxA, Santo Domingo.

Luther University 2006  


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