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SAS Internship Program

SAS Business Internship

This program is designed just for you committed students and professionals who would benefit from an international experience in the areas of Business and Spanish Language, and other fields of study in the Dominican Republic. The student enters an intensive study program of written and oral communication for the business world, distributed in the following manner: In the mornings, you participate in an intensive program that aims to improve your ability to communicate, both orally and in written form, in an efficient way. In the afternoons, there is an intensive program to develop whatever other professional abilities the student needs to focus upon.

The SAS's Program in Santo Domingo is designed for students with four or more semesters of college-level Spanish. After finishing this part of the course, the student begins the second phase, which consists of working for a business enterprise in the country of his or her choice. This is where the student acquires the valuable hands-on knowledge that will help prepare him or her for a professional career. Graduates acquire abilities, knowledge, and the contacts necessary to enter the international world of business. Note that students who are in training do not receive a salary from the enterprise that provides them with that hands-on training.


The SAS Business Internship program combines classes with practical hands-on business experience. Students are prepared to work in their chosen business field in one of the Dominican Republic.

The first 4 weeks of classes

All SAS Business Internship students are required to take the first 4 weeks of classes.

  Week 1:  
    Student complete their profile/resumes
    List of career options Internship contract/school contract
    Together with SAS Business Internship coordinators, they will review the procedures for choosing their internship location
  Week 2: They will attend all standard classes
  Week 3 They will attend classes and programmed interviews
  Week 4: They will attend classes, complete the interview series, and be prepared to begin their professional practicum.
  Participants enrolled in the 16- and 24-week programs will not have interviews until the month before their internships are assigned.
Typical 4-week practicum program (example)
  Week 1: Student interns begin their first days of hands-on business training. The program
    coordinator contacts the enterprise to see how the intern is adapting.
  Week 2: The enterprise sends a progress report evaluating the intern's development. If any .
    problems exist, this is the ideal time to arrange an appointment with the program coordinator
  Week 3: Hands-on business training continues.
  Week 4: A final progress report is requested from the enterprise to evaluate the intern's work
    during the period of his or her practicum. The intern will most likely be asked to share his or her experiences with a class of future participants. At the end of the program, each successful intern is issued a corticated of completion and a letter of reference.
    Intensive private Spanish classes is available all program participants (there is, of course, an additional but reasonable charge for these extra language classes).
  Enterprises for the hands-on practicum.
SAS Business Internship program's coordinators will do everything possible to locate each of our students in an appropriate position. In this way, each student obtains hands-on professional experience in the field of his or her expressed interest. Although internship location is normally a clear-cut process, sometimes it requires a bit of understanding and flexibility on the students' part. It must be understood, for example, that medical personnel and lawyers from one country are not certified to practice in other countries. Instead, we could locate the student in an administrative position within a hospital or private clinic, or within a notary or law firm, respectively. For this reason, it is important to note that the location of the interns in a particular field or with a specific company can never be guaranteed. It is hoped that each candidate will accept the best position and location that is available.

The program is divided into 2 parts:

1- Spanish class in your field of professional interest and conversational written practice.
Students learn Spanish and business concepts during the first part of the program in order to put their skills and knowledge into practical use during the second part of the program.
The period of time spent in the classroom should the same or longer than the period of the hands-on internship experience. You can choose among 3 programs:
  Program of: 8-weeks 12-weeks Or 24-weeks
  The 8-weeks: program consists of 4 weeks of super intensive classroom study and 4
    weeks of professional hands-on training.
  The 12-weeks (6 classrooms plus 6 internship)
  The 24-weeks (12 classrooms plus 12 internship) programs, if you have the time to do so.

A period of just 4 weeks as an intern is considered to be quite short. It is highly recommended that you consider. It is more difficult to locate a program participant in a good internship position for just 4 weeks than it is to locate them for an internship of 8-12 weeks-in fact, most enterprises principally accept interns only for the longer periods. This is why we ask students to be understanding and flexible with regard to the suggestions for both position and company placement proposed by the coordinators of the SAS Business Internship program.

Experience life in a developing Caribbean country and learn first-hand about the daily realities of Dominican society, culture, and politics. This is optional community service course with a practicum in the areas of public health/medicine, education, or neighborhood assistance, and optional ESL teacher training course with a hands-on teaching practicum


Class trips ranging from visits to Santería altars in San Izidro, Santo Domingo the Free Trade Zone
Excursions to sites of cultural importance such as a batey, an economic development zone on the Haitian border, weekend trip to the higher montain chain in Jarabacoa and Constanza, weekend trip to Sur part of the country, weekend trip to National Park los Haitises, weekend to the National Park East, the Hermanas Mirabal Museum in Salcedo, and weekend trips to the Samaná Peninsula and Santo Domingo " Direct enrollment options for students with advanced Spanish language skills.

During their internships, the students will have to present weekly reports and a final paper to their professor. The professor will follow up with the students from the beginning of the program through its final cycle.

  Subject Areas: Business and more..............!
Language of Instruction : Spanish    
Recommended Credit:      
Eligibility Requirements: 4 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent " College-level
    coursework in public Business recommended
  Application Deadlines: Academic year 2009/11 Academic year 2010/12  
Fall 2012 4/ 4/ 2012 Fall 2012 4/4/2012        
Spring 2012 10/10/2012 Spring 2012 10/10/2012 Program available 2013  
Summer 2012 02/02/2012 Summer 2010 02/02/2012 Program available 2013  
Housing: Dominican Homestays        
8 weeks
12 weeks
16 weeks
Summer: 2012
Fall: 2012
Spring 2013
USD $5,500
USD $7,995
USD $9,700
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