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The Dominican Republic--today's "Land of Discovery" for all students and researchers.

Why do we call the Dominican Republic today's "land of discovery" for all students and researchers?

Because it's the land of so many "firsts" in American history; because it's on the most geographically varied island in the Caribbean; because its people, culture, and economy today are a fascinating blend of ancient and modern, developed and undeveloped communities.

Whether your interests are in Spanish language, literature, history, music, folklore, gender, "race," geography, economics, political science, sociology, tourism, sports, international business, merchandising, medicine, natural healing, religion, agriculture, or volunteering opportunities… in the Dominican Republic you will gain a new and expanded vision of your field of study.

Then there's the added benefits of the DR's location in the breath-taking Caribbean just hours from the U.S. and with inexpensive charter rates from Europe.

The country has thousands of miles of white-sand and turquoise-sea beaches lined with coconut palms, verdant mountains (including Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean), vast fertile valleys, sere deserts with giant sand dunes, two salt lakes (one being larger than the U.S.'s Great Salt Lake), rushing rivers, tranquil fresh water lakes, cascading waterfalls, mangrove jungles, towering rain forests, a plentitude of caves, picturesque cities and villages, and a modern, thriving capital founded more than 500 years ago, with the most state-of-the-art communication system in Latin America. To top it all off, the Dominican Republic is economical and safe, with lower drug problems, crime and violence as compared to many other tourist destinations.

Dominicans are internationally renowned for their beauty, hospitality, genuine warmth, charm and mile-wide smiles. However, despite its safety record and welcoming people, the Dominican Republic can be confusing and frustrating if one does not know it well.

Let us help.

With our assistance, your experiences in the Dominican Republic can be productive, satisfying... memorable.

Con la mas cordial bienvenida y espero verlos en la Republica Dominicana.


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